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Are you ready to transform your body?

Do you have concerns about weight related conditions  such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol levels, whilst there are health professionals that specialise in these conditions and can give you very good advice on them, you may find that food and what you eat can play a big part in combating some of these fears.

As a chef for 22 years, I believe that food is the answer!

If you want to make changes to what you eat and need inspiration, as your food coach I can help.

Get in touch, take that first step to a new you TODAY, call 01202 424445 and see how I can get you eating better.

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28 Day Fat Burning Challenge

The Food Mechanic 28 Day Fat Burning Solutions

Time for total slim down with Flavours 28 day real food program that combines a delicious eating plan of No added Sugar, No wheat & low carb meals for less than 1 month.

For 28 days only (and that’s out of 365 in the whole year) you get to enjoy…

  • 28 Days of Meal Plan suggestions– including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • 33 Simple, yet tasty Recipes – all sugar free meals, low wheat & low carb for maximum results without scrimping on taste
  • 4 Weekly Shopping Lists – to make grocery store visits a breeze
  • 10 golden rules so that you not only accomplish your goals, but you exceed
  • 3 face to face meetings to plot progress


28 Day Cropped

Our Lives Are Busy


Do you find it hard putting yourself first?
Is it something you don't think about?

Our lives are filled with priorities from work commitments, personal engagements, looking after your family making sure they have what they need, this is probably very high on your list of priorities.


By having a food coach, you become their priority and in a 1-2-1 session you’re the only priority, you become number one, a coach can help you find that next level when it comes to YOU!


Body Transformation Programme

Are you struggling with your weight, finding it hard to find the right information out there that suits you.

What if I could show you how to LOSE WEIGHTBURN FAT and KEEP IT OFF for good, what if I could give you recipes that would change how you think about food,

What if you could quit dieting and curb your cravings

Would you let me help you?


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